Stranger Fictions are the continuing adventures of professional troublemaker Lord Dethicus and his robot pal, Captain Fantabulous as they drink, love, steal, laugh, and then fight someone.

Lord Dethicus
The angry one.He likes to smoke and watch Steven Segal Movies. He's also a bit of an aspiring womanizer. He likes to drink and watch the news. And often when he's not.
Your boyfreind.
80's night.
Your favorite band.

captain Fantabulous
The other angry one. Maybe the angriest one? But also the finnier of the two. He always looks angry, even if he isn't. He has less luck with the ladies than his roommate, Lord Dethicus. He rocks video games, break-dancing, and hip-hop.
Your Face.
Crunk music.
Your disrespect for his hustle.