12.24Happy Holidays
07.16Foreign Relations
06.25Soviet Side-Splitters
06.18Russian Funnies
06.12NBA Jam Time: Finals
06.04Worlds Greatest Laffs #115
05.29NBA Jam Time Conference Finals
05.24Pole Positioning
05.14NBA Jam Time
05.07Public Affairs: Totally Krossed Out
04.30World's Greatest Laffs #290
04.23Public Affairs: Hell Week
04.16Diving Board Declarations
04.09Some Cats Go To Heaven
04.02World's Greatest Laffs #326
03.26World's Greatest Laffs #212
03.19Paypal Proclamations
03.12Postal Problem Solving
03.05Subway Scumbaggery
02.26Every Week Is Shark Week!
02.19World's Greatest Laffs #154
02.12Lord Valentine's Assist
02.05Poolside Playboys
01.29Public Affairs: Crime Time
01.223:00 Te'o Time
01.15Freedom Fighters
01.08World's Greatest Laffs #293
01.01Worst Peoples Of 2012


12.25Happy Holidays!
12.18Hasid Heroics
12.11Shopping Spree
12.04Don't You Be My Neighbor!
11.27Lecherous Ambition
11.20Stuffing Recipes
11.13Captain Fantabulous Raps The Classics #36 Chambers
11.06Seldom-Popular Votes
10.23Varsity Debate Club 2012
10.16NYCC Post Game
10.02Public Affairs: Next Stop Kolob
09.25I Wanna Dance With Somebody
09.18Poolisde Manner
09.11Public Affairs: Convention Seasonings
08.28Andrew Dice Claysicles
08.07Olympic Upsets
07.31Hokkaido Dook Bear Show
07.24Silicone Valley
07.17T-shirt Time
07.10Going Back To Cali
07.03Knight Moves
06.26Porn Foods
06.19Public Affairs: State of Florida
05.29Roll Fizzlebeef
05.22Train Wrecks
05.15How To Talk To Girls At Parties
05.08Mail Fraud
05.01The Crappiest Of Jokes #23
04.23The Crappiest Of Jokes #17
04.17Exit Strategies
04.10The Crappiest Of Jokes #31
04.03April Foolios
03.27Games Changes
03.13Web MDiasters
03.06Public Affairs Campaign Trail 2012
02.28Bird Watching 2: More Birds
02.21Puppy Love
02.14Baby Mama Drama
02.07Director's Cuts
01.31Captain Fantabulous Raps The Classics #32
01.24Queue Up & Tee Off
01.17Captain Fantabulous Raps The Classics #14
01.10Shop Talk
01.03Parting Gifts


12.27Public Affairs 2011 Sendoff
12.20Happy Holidays 2011
12.13Worst People Of 2011
12.06Paying Utilities
11.29Secrets Of The Ninja
11.22Occupation Nation
11.15You Only Get Six
11.08Broken Handle
11.01Round Two
10.25That Extra 30%
10.18Lost In The Village
10.11Free At Last
10.04The Direct Approach
09.27Ex-wifed Up
09.13Liquid Swords
09.06Captain Fantabulous Raps The Classics #17
08.30Bird Watching
08.23Plan B Time
08.16The Crappiest Of Jokes #44
08.09Public Safety Tips
08.02The Morning Dispatch
07.26Busting Out
07.19Slights Out Of Hand
07.12Parental Advisory
07.06Sound Legal Counsel
06.28The Crappiest of Jokes #33
06.21Public Affairs
06.14Gallery Game
06.07Captain Fantabulous Raps The Classics #11
05.31Climate Change Warriors
05.24It Happened After All
05.17Troubled Waters
05.10The Crappiest Of Jokes #21
05.03Mixed Reactions
04.26Park Stroll
04.19Fashion Police Part Three
04.12Fashion Police Part Two
04.05Fashion Police Part One
03.29Captain Fantabulous Raps The Classics #27
03.22Captain Fantabulous Raps The Classics #33
03.17Captain Fantabulous Raps The Classics #41
03.15Captain Fantabulous Raps The Classics #26
03.08Captain Fantabulous Raps The Classics #21
03.01Captain Fantabulous Raps The Classics #08
02.22Craft Services
02.15St Valentine Himself
02.08Lord Of The Manor
02.01Fuck Wham
01.25All Smiles
01.18Shit Just Got Political
01.11Night Moves Part3
01.04Night Moves Part2


12.28Night Moves Part1
12.24Happy Holidays
12.21Pick-up Skills
12.14Captain Fantabulous Raps The Classics #5
12.07The Crappiest Of Jokes #16
11.30Little Hidden Secrets
11.23Captain Fantabulous Raps The Classics #3
11.16The Crappiest Of Jokes #10
11.09Ain't No Fun
10.26The golden touch
10.19Dethicus and Hooch
10.12The Crappiest of Jokes #12
10.05A land war in one’s liver
09.28Kids these days
09.21Seagaltistics 101
09.14Red Album Blues
09.07The Crappiest of Jokes #04