So today makes it a year since I started this comic. Truthfully it started way before that. But about 18 months ago I made the call to finally go ahead with this as a webcomic. But I’ve had these 2 idiot characters cluttering up my head for over 10 years now. I could never settle on the right format or angle or plot for them. They went through many different shitty genres when I was in art school and beyond. But I am glad to see they finally have a home here.

My goal during this first year was just to do the work. Just to hunker down and stick to a schedule. To develop a new routine and a new workflow. Thankfully it worked all worked out and for that I will take a moment today to congratulate myself. Then I will get back to the work.

Thank you to everyone who is reading. Welcome to anyone new here. And if you like what you see here, tell somebody about it. I think the goal for year 2 will be to cast a wider net and make more of an effort to pull in new readers. I have more conventions planned this year as well. Speaking of which, I will be at NYCC this October 13-16. But more on that later.