Sell where people search on Google

Get your products in front of new shoppers who are looking for what you’re selling.

Already have a Shopify store? Install Google

Sell across Google

List your products on Google platforms—Search, Shopping, Images, Lens, and YouTube.

Promote your products

Get started with free listings or create a Performance Max campaign that fits your budget.

Manage with Shopify

Showcase your products across Google while keeping Shopify as your back office to manage orders and inventory.

Get up and running in 3 steps

1 Start your free trial

Create an online store for your products with a 3-day free trial of Shopify.

2 Install Google as a sales channel

Add Google as a sales channel in your Shopify admin and connect to your Google Merchant Center account.

3 Sync your products and start selling

Complete the Google sales channel setup and your products will be eligible to show up across Google.

Two abstracted screenshots of watch product listings shown as part of Google search results.

Product Feed

Sync your products to Google

Stay in sync

Make updates to your products in Shopify and sit back as they automatically sync with Google.

Rank on top

Improve your organic search ranking by providing detailed product data in Shopify.

An abstracted screenshot showing how Free Listings will appear on Google when someone searches for “Minimalist Dial Watch”. There’s a “Visit site” button next to each listing.

Free Listings

List your products for free

Show up everywhere

Showcase your products across Google—Search, Shopping, Images, Lens, and YouTube.

Increase traffic for free

Reach new customers by listing your shop’s products for free on Google.

Several abstracted screenshots of where your products may show up with a Performance Max campaign—namely, Google Search, Shopping, Images, Lens, and YouTube.

Performance Max

Reach the right customers where they shop with Performance Max

Let Google work for you

Create your campaigns, set a budget, and let Google’s smart technology optimize your ad.

Maximize your reach

Access new inventory, formats, and audiences across all Google channels, including YouTube, Search, and the web.

A screenshot of one of Christen Dominique's videos. A subscribe button is below the video, followed by a range of her makeup products shown in thumbnails.

YouTube Shopping

Turn viewers into shoppers

Instantly sync your products to YouTube

Add your products in seconds, ensuring that product details, such as imagery, pricing, and inventory stay in sync.

Create authentic live shopping experiences

Tag or pin products at key points in your live stream for a real-time, watch-to-shop experience.

“The results of those first campaigns were mind-blowing.”

Brett, Pono Woodworks
Shopify logo

Google’s Performance Max campaigns are the foundation of Pono Woodworks’ marketing strategy. Today, Google sales account for a third of their total business.

An image of the owner of Pono Woodworks, a white man with curly gray hair, a soul patch, and a gray T-shirt.